What are Canada’s best smaller cities to live in?

October 15th, 2011

Great article in Moneysense about the top towns in Canada under 25,000 people. The best part? Cobourg and Port Hope sit at number three and four on the list in all of Canada, and are the top two in Ontario.

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"Number three on this list and 28th overall is Cobourg, Ont., a city on the shores of Lake Ontario about 90 kilometers east of Toronto. The area has been settled since the 1790s and the city got its present name in 1819. Now it has a mixed economy comprised of manufacturing, health care, retail and tourism. Its waterfront and historic downtown attract visitors.

Cobourg does not score near the bottom of any category. In the areas of house prices, a couple of income rankings, unemployment and doctors, the city finishes in the bottom half of the overall rankings. Cobourg’s weather is the fourth best in the country according to our measurements. Also walk or biking to work ranked 14 out of 180 and population growth, crime and culture did well.

Port Hope, Ont. is number four on the list and 33rd overall and is located 12 kilometers west of Cobourg making it neighbors on this list and on the map. The town was incorporated in 1834 after 40 years of settlement and became a transportation hub for many years. Currently, the largest employer is Cameco Corp., which operates a nuclear fuel conversion plant. The local economy also depends on several smaller manufacturers, retail and tourism.

Port Hope has a low number of doctors and health professionals. It also falls in the bottom half of our rankings for housing affordability, transit and the number of people who walk or bike to work. Next to Oakville, Ont., Port Hope has the best weather in the country. It also scores very well in crime, has good cultural representation, low unemployment, a very reasonable level of population growth and better than average personal income levels."

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Best cities under 25000 people

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